Here, where the scent of the centuries still lives ...

Like a Poem

Our past is a fabric woven of so many stories… every bit as fascinating as a chivalric epic. Here, man and the land have always lived together in the fullest respect for equilibrium in nature.

The great book of the family of the Counts of Collalto begins when the King of Italy Berengario in 958 gave Rambaldo the ancestor of the Collalto, the Montello wood and the Curtis di Lovadina, a vast plain of meadows, pastures and vineyards at the foot of the Treviso hills.

An intertwining of many tales… as compelling as a chivalrous poem.

The Conte Collalto Winery

Millennia of wine

For a span of centuries now, the Collalto family has been cultivating its historic vineyards and grape varieties on the gentle hillslopes beneath the San Salvatore castle, high-quality grapes that go to produce its long-prestigious wines.

Since 1904, those firmly-structured, terroir-expressive wines have evolved within the walls of the venerable Conte Collalto winecellar.

... the breath of a great tradition ...

A thousand-year-old hospitality that the Collalto family reserves for guests who want to discover the history of their cellars...

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