The cellar

…pensiamo il passato progettando il futuro…

Vinification is the final act in a year of affectionate attention and seasons-long work in the vineyards. To obtain the highest quality-possible grapes, Conte Collalto uses practices that combine age-old wisdom with the most cutting-edge technologies.


First come the vineyards, which ripen aromas and flavours over the course of the seasons, then the harvest, with methods handed down from our ancestors, but with help from friendly technology, and, lastly, fermentation, the final act, requiring perfect orchestration to guarantee excellence in the final result.

To maximise the extraction of qualities from our grapes, we use a specialised pneumatic press and cold-temperature processing, and the fermentation too is at low temperatures, using special cultured yeasts.

L’automazione in cantina che ha snellito e migliorato le procedure lavorative, assicura all’azienda una rilevante capacità produttiva, in grado di soddisfare le crescenti richieste di un mercato vocato alla qualità.


The Collalto winecellar displays an almost jewel-box character. The sizes of the oak barrels were carefully designed for the wines they hold, to ensure optimal maturation and to encourage development of the character and aromas of each wine. The tonneaux for the reserves hold 500 litres, while the large oak botti are of 42, 95, and 130 hectolitres.

The imposing, temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks — the largest holding 33,000 litres–are perfect for maintaining crispness and varietal fidelity in the white wines. Even traditional concrete vats have been restored to use, since they offer particular qualities in maturing certain wines.

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