Mother earth

If it is true that earth, the omni-generating mother, and nature, penetrate the entire complex of our surroundings, then terroir represents this co-penetration to the nth degree.

Terroir is an oft-misused term, or intentionally distorted, and subjected to the most varied explanations.

The most exhaustive definition of terroir, in our opinion, is that given by the French National des Appellations d`Origine (INAO), and we would like to share it with you:

“A terroir is a delineated geographical space in which, in the course of its history, a human community accumulates collective production skills, based on a system of interactions between a physical and biological environment and a set of human factors. The socio-technical itineraries that come into play in this setting impart typicity, and generate a reputation for the goods/produce originating from the geographical space in question”.

The concept of terroir, then, can be combined naturally with the more restrictive term of cru, or vineyard, or an individual parcel of a vineyard, that has the aptitude of producing the absolutely finest wines, thus making such wines unique and recognisable from all others.


Thus, the complex of soil; climate; grape variety; and cultivational, technical, agronomic, and oenological knowledge constitutes a growing unicum capable of conveying, from the earth into the bottle, the wine’s entire heritage, hidden perhaps but no less invaluable.

That is what we desire.

That is what we strive for, the concepts of originality (displaying a sensory profile distinct from all others), typicity (immediate connection with the growing area’s heritage of varieties and styles), and reputation (name and recognition acquired through merit), all enhanced and subsumed into our wines.

For decades now, we have been working to achieve all this. The road ahead of us is still long, but our will to succeed fears no obstacles of any sort whatever.




We realise that we are privileged.

Being able to work in a context of beauty (and of goodness) encourages us to preserve what we have inherited and built up over the years.

The growing areas, the vineyards, the facilities in which we work are all organically part of what we do every day. And therefore deserving of the highest respect.

And so, considering all of this, we decided to enable our visitors too to enjoy all of this.

For us, hospitality is not reduced simply to “tourism.”

Rather, it means putting oneself at the service of those who honour us by their presence and help them to achieve an experience, to reach out and touch traditions, terroir, and growing area. It means gifting a smile.


“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”.

Words of Oscar Wilde in ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’

For this and thousands of other reasons, we have had people talking about us for quite some time now, as an eco-sustainable winery, for the quality of our wines, for our many projects, for our spirit of community and warm hospitality that have always been our hallmark.

This section contains a catalogue of many things that we have done and, together with you, that we would like to do.