…il frutto delle colline del sole…

Azienda Agricola Conte Collalto extends over a broad swath of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG: it cultivates a full 164 hectares, which has constituted a significant contribution to the viticultural and oenological history of Conegliano.


Azienda Agricola Conte Collalto is the most extensive winegrowing estate in the Prosecco Superiore DOCG, with properties lying amidst sun-blest hills that boast a spectacular winemaking history, an area that the family has always cherished, fully respecting rigorous conduct and vineyard protection codes.
An additional aspect of this commitment is the family’s unceasing efforts to develop the intrinsic qualities and full potential of its estate vineyards; concomitant to that is a programme of wide- ranging experimentation, beginning with the introduction of the Wildbacher grape by Count Antonio Rambaldo in the 18th century and continuing with the fruitful collaboration with Prof. Luigi Manzoni in the early 19th century.

Campeggia con i suoi filari ben allineati il vitigno autoctono dei Collalto. Frutto delle innovative sperimentazioni del professor Luigi Manzoni negli anni trenta del secolo scorso. È il regno dell’incorocio Manzoni.


The 1930s witnessed a fruitful collaboration between the Collalto family and Professor Luigi Manzoni, at that time Director of the Royal Institute of Viticulture and Oenology in Conegliano, first of its kind in Italy.

This relationship made it possible for Manzoni to carry out experiments in the Collalto vineyards that led to the development of four noble wines from grape-variety crosses: Manzoni Bianco, a cross between Rhineland Riesling and Pinot Bianco; Manzoni Rosa, a Trebbiano-Traminer cross; Manzoni Moscato, a cross of Black Muscat and Raboso Piave; and Manzoni Rosso, a Cabernet-Glera cross.
These four outstanding wines have over the years garnered enthusiastic loyalty both from experts and from wine aficionados in Italy and across the globe.

Nasce in 94 ettari di vigneti con una produzione media di 600.000 bottiglie all’anno. Il Prosecco Superiore Collalto è un prosecco d’elezione. Invia sentori di erbe e fiori, e arrotonda il palato con note di frutta estiva.


Of the hectares planted to vineyard, a full 100 are dedicated to producing Collalto Prosecco Superiore; this, coupled with an annual production of high-quality wines, makes Conte Collalto one of the private producers most representative of the entire Prosecco Superiore zone.

The Collalto Prosecco is a Prosecco that truly stands alone: the perfumed, sun-kissed hills of Susegana produce its grapes, which a meticulously-monitored fermentation transforms into a cascade of mousse scenting of fresh herbs and spring wildflowers and a well-rounded palate whose hallmarks are a refreshing crispness and fragrant, well-ripened summer fruit.

Sensory alchemy that truly merits a toast: Sursum corda!

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