Ponte Rosso

Conegliano e Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore d.o.c.g. MILLESIMATO SPARKLING WINE

Ponte Rosso lies not far from the Castle of San Salvatore, with soils that are quite clay-rich.
In fact, in the past, the reddish clay here was quarried to make the roof tiles and bricks that went to build the houses for the village of the Counts of Collalto. Bricks made from the intensely-red clay were so distinctive that the name of the bridge made from them is Ponte Rosso, the red bridge.
The glera grapes grown in this soil are high in minerals, the perfect fruit for producing a Nature-style Brut, with its firm structure, a wine as minerally and essentialist as our Ponte Rosso.

Growing Area

Glera blended with small quantities of autochthonous / indigenous varietals like Verdisio and Bianchetta grown exclusively in our estate vineyards.
Vineyard location
Hills of Susegana
Vineyard aspect
Soil profile
Clay on a rock base


135 quintals
Harvest period
1-10 September

Wine production

the clusters are pressed gently, and the must gravity-settled, then fermented in temperature-controlled (18°C) steel tanks.
The wine matures sur lie in steel for 3 months.
Secondary fermentation
the wine receives its effervescence through the Martinotti-Charmat method.
After a long period of maturation sur lie, followed by tartaric stabilisation, it is filtered and bottled.
4-6 months in steel pressure tanks, then 1-2 months in bottle.

Technical data

12% vol.
Residual sugar
2 g/l
6 g/l


This Prosecco is a nonpareil example of the most modern and innovative interpretations of this D.O.C.G. wine.
The eye is first drawn to its appealing straw yellow, with subtle, green-flecked highlights, then to a vigorous cascade of pin-point bubbles that creates a creamy, vivacious mousse which seems to linger forever.
The ultra-fragrant bouquet is redolent of fully-ripe Pink Lady apple and the heritage San Pietro pear over a delicately floral background. It is generous and beautifully-proportioned on entry, with an intriguing minerally edge, qualities that drive its lengthy progression laden with the same aromatic qualities encountered on the nose.
It is the classic partner to seafood in general, and in particular to shellfish and fat-rich fish, as well as lighter meats. Enjoy at 6-8°C.

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