Grappa prosecco riserva 18 month-barrique aged

Grappa has always warmed the soul, particularly on frigid winter days.
As tradition prescribes, as soon as the new wine is pressed off the skins, the fresh pomace is distilled into grappa.
Prince Manfredo was a true connoisseur of grappa, so much so that he produced it in different styles: clear, aged, and aromatized with fruit essences as well. Maintaining his grandfather’s tradition, Prince Emmanuel decided to reintroduce an aged grappa.
This spirit exhibits the fruit and floral fragrances classic to Prosecco, artfully lifted by hints of honey, vanilla, and pipe tobacco.
A marriage, then, of the traditional and the modern. The contemporary continuous distillation, vacuum process yields a precious grappa that then rests for a full 18 months in the traditional cherry and oak barrels

Growing Area


the fresh Glera pomace is distilled according to the “Grappa system”, under vacuum at low temperatures, in order to extract all the floral and fruit essences classic to the Glera grape.
this grappa ages 18 months in oak and cherrywood barrels, which gives it its golden hue and distinctive full body

Technical analysis

38% vol.


It is velvet-smooth and elegant on the palate, while the bouquet releases rich fruit notes, along with scents of vanilla and smooth spices, all of which meld together with hints of toasted, fine-grained oak.
Serving suggestions:
With 70-85% dark chocolate; exceptional at meal’s end, before coffee.

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