Grappa dei poderi Collalto

Growing Area

Grappa distilled from the pomace of Glera, Cabernet, Incrocio Manzoni Moscato 13.0.25, Incrocio Manzoni 2.15 grown in our estate


Pomace storage
The pomace is put into fermentation containers using a technology called “GrappaSystem”.
This system, by carefully controlling acidity levels and adding selected yeasts, maintains the rich aromas right up to the moment of distillation.
Grappa obtained by a vacuum distillation process of carefully pomace blends and by a copper alembic heated using a bain-marie.

Technical analysis

40% vol.


A fine and moderately aromatic Grappa, with notes of apple and apricot all culminating in a delicate finish.
Its smoothness and aromatic complexity make it the ideal crowning libation at the conclusion of any meal.
Best enjoyed at 10-12°C.

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